Distribution Models

Project Description

This collection contains public domain distribution models submitted by the community.

Recent Submissions

    • Solar Home Electricity Data
      Title: Solar Home Electricity Data Authors: Ausgrid Abstract: We are sharing solar home electricity data to help with analysis by research organisations, solar companies, government and regulators as well as other interested parties. The customers in these datasets have been de-identified and do not …

    • PNNL – PGE Models – TMP0009
      Title: PNNL – PGE Models – TMP0009 Authors: Schneider, K.P.; Engel, D.W.; Chen, Y.; Thompson, S.E.; Chassin, D.P.; Pratt, R.G.; Fuller, J.C. Abstract: This information is being made publicly available by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) pursuant to a …

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